ECG Course

Whether you’re brand new to learning ECG interpretation or have been reading ECG’s for years, this course is for you. This course will take you through a step by step process for learning and retaining how to read and interpret ECGs efficiently and effectively.

Perfect For:



EKG Technicians

Registered Nurses

What you'll learn

This course breaks down ECG interpretation into a simple and effective process so that you are confident and prepared to read ECGs in the field and on the job. We’ve also included a corresponding workbook and practice questions to test your knowledge and solidify the information as you move through the videos. ECG interpretation is not easy, but you can be prepared to be confident in your abilities with the right study plan. You’ll have to put in the work, but we can give you all the materials you’ll need. Whether you are just starting your journey into ECG interpretation or have been reading them for years and could use a refresher, we would love to come alongside you to help you succeed!

This course includes

4 video lectures

Practice questions

Interactive downloadable workbook

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